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Regular Guy was created for....the Regular guy(or gal) seeking the true Word of God and how it applies to our lives. The whole point of this blog is take you on a journey with me as I explore God's word seeking to understand the truths of it.

I agree

I got a thing for clouds. I don’t know why.

Today matters

Color combo

Yep. I do it

I love new construction!

State fair with the family. I thought this was beautiful

Houston skyline

Only Jesus has the power to save! His name is the only one in all the world that can save anyone.

The other day I saw a rainbow. When people look at a rainbow they see many things. Some gaze at its natural beauty, some look for a pot of Gold, and some think nothing of it as they go through their busy day. I see God in his creation and a covenant between God and man. It also makes me think of another covenant. I am so grateful for Gods grace and mercy that I cant begin to put in words my gratitude. I recognize that I need Jesus not because he will make me a millionaire or grant me with temporal material possession but I need him because I am a sinner and I have broken God’s law. There is no amount of good I can do to redeem myself but through faith alone in Jesus Christ I am forgiven. God thank you for the free gift that is in Jesus Christ. Everyday I am in amazement at how good you are to us! Thank you!

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